About Upright Media

Upright Media are experts in transparent digital technology. Our goal is to always be at the forefront with the most innovative digital display solutions on the market.

The company was started when we discovered a completely new product. What we discovered was a refrigerator with transparent digital screens instead of plain glass in the doors. We understood immediately that this was going to be big.

In 2014 an idea started to emerge about the company's direction. We did not want to be like the regular digital signage companies. We wanted to stand out from the rest. We chose to specialize in the very latest. Transparent digital technology. From that day, we have been working nonstop to develop the coolest and most innovative digital solutions to our customers.

Today we both sell and rent our products. Our range includes, Mediafridges, Transparent LED screens and HYPEBOXes.  
We are excited about the interest we have received so far and look forward to leading the way with the  coolest digital solutions.

My name is Johannes and I'm the founder and CEO of Upright Media. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Johannes Personne Havia